We began in this market segment in 1993 and have already acquired toy giants such as Crayola, Barbie, Mega Blocks and Walt Disney for clients. Toy production is one of the main direction of the company, as we take great pleasure in the creation of safe products for children. Our three main groups within this department are arts and crafts, activity cases and customized products.

Arts & Crafts

We also make a variety of products that appeal to the young artist. These include packaged paintbrushes (in bulk or blister packs), lite catchers, stencils, paint trays of all sizes and water cups. While in most instances these will eventually be sold to individual consumers, they are also enjoyed by many schools where art departments stack such products in bulk for the use of their students. Take a moment to browse through some examples of our work included in the photo gallery below.

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Activity Cases

We make activity cases of various sizes that can then be filled with a range of products by the customer and later sold to the consumer. These can be used to store markers or paints to make an art chest, or with crayons to make colouring kits. Other uses for the cases include the storage of games, stickers, silly putty, play dough and cards. These activity cases are convenient as they are more durable for storage use by small children than cardboard boxes. Orderly storage is easely achieved for parents. Seen here are some examples of our activity cases and how they have been put to use by some of our customers.

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Customized Products

In addition to activity cases and arts & crafts paraphernalia, we also make a number of customized products for clients who require toy fabrication in other areas. These can include anything from building blocks to wagons or even small engines and trucks as illustrated by the associated photography. What ever you can think of, we can commit to a finished product because Plasti-World is "where imagination takes shape into plastics"! Contact Us to see what we can do for you.

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